All You Need To Know About: Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed

City Developer: New Urban Communities Authority

Location: about 15 km from Lebanon Square in the Mohandseen district of Giza. It is bordered to the north by the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, and to the west by the district of 6th of October.


The city of Sheikh Zayed is known for its serene atmosphere, lavish landscape and pleasant weather compared to Cairo. The infrastructure of the city is known to be effective and well established, the investment claimed in the infrastructure is perceived to be the best approach to speed the development of an advanced city, attracting more investors and boosting the confidence of residents in the area. Sheikh Zayed is an upscale integrated city with schools, hospitals, markets, and well-planned neighborhoods that offer a calm lifestyle away from the hustle of Cairo… amenities including

27 schools

Health Centers

9 administrative centers

5 entertaining hubs (Americana – Tivoli – Galleria – Twin Towers – Curve mall – Crazy Water)

4 hospitals

24 markets

3 clubs

If you are a resident of Sheikh Zayed, you’ll be able to access The Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road with much greater ease which is a convenient privilege if you’re going to be on the road for the North Coast just for the weekend.

Developers and Projects:

Genova was developed by The Eastern Company for Real Estate.

EL PATIO 6 was developed by La Vista development.

CATALYA developed BY mtis development.

Greens were developed by Dorra Group.

Zayed Dunes was developed by Al Rabwa Group.

Zaied 2000 was developed by Dorra Group.

Royal Gardens was developed by Alrowad urban development.

The Courtyard business hub was developed by Dorra Group.

Royal Meadows was developed by Arco.

Zayed Heights was developed by Dorra Group.

Alma was developed by Iwan Development.

Life Park was developed by Life Park Real Estate Investment. 

Casa was developed by palm hills development.

Rabwa developed by Al Rabwa Group. 

Jewar was developed by Iwan Development.

Karma Residence developed by Karma by Karma Development

The Future of The City: 

The total investment value in the city is estimated at 5.067 billion pounds including 999 million pounds in the housing sector. As Egypt’s economy recovers, supported by prudent economic policies and initial reforms aimed at addressing the major challenges of recent years, foreign investors and international brands are once again showing interest and confidence in the Egyptian economy.

To make the whole 6th of October city and Sheikh Zayed more accessible, the National Authority for Tunnels has planned to construct a fourth metro line, which will connect the 6th of October to downtown and intersect with the second metro line, through which lies the Giza metro station.

Sodic developments have granted a 500-acre land plot allocated by the New Urban Communities Authority, a 10-minute drive from SODIC’s mixed-use community in West Cairo, SODIC West, and is expected to offer over 5000 residential units


Sheikh Zayed was aptly planned with top-notch infrastructure, facilities, and services to ensure the city is well maintained in the long run and avoid deterioration. The city tends to meet all social classes’ requirements while satisfying the working class in an efficient way. So when it comes to investing in buying a property or small-scale businesses, property consulting is expected to ensure solid profits, and guarantee one of the best real estate opportunities.

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