All You Need To Know About: Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh

City Developer: Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC)


The bay is located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, across from Sharm El Sheik, approximately 18 km south of Hurghada International Airport.


Sahl Hasheesh was built with the perception of establishing a self-sustaining resort city with a year-round community of residents and visitors, equipped with facilities and infrastructure that minimize dependency on government resources. In addition to residential developments and comprehensive community services.

It Is one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing destinations on the Red Sea. It is known for being a spectacular beach and diving destination with 12.5 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, was described as “the original escape of the Red Sea”, within the design of the Arabesque resort, guests are spoiled for choice with a unique range of amenities and hotels Luxurious accommodation, and offers guests and residents many options for amusement:

1- Several world-class hotels.

2- Two 18-hole golf courses.

3- A Pharaonic city underwater, the first of its kind for diving enthusiasts

4- A marina, and its very own yacht club.

5- Camel and horse stables. 

6- Water Sports.

7- Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

8- Quad Biking.

Developers and Projects:

– Veranda was developed by Inertia

– Bay Village was developed by the Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC).

– Hawaii Resort was developed by Sea View Real Estate Development Co.

– Tawaya was developed by Palm Hills Development.

– Amaros developed by Anchor Real Estate Development.

– Azzurra was developed by Prime Estates International.

– Palm Beach Piazza was developed by Orbit Alliance.

– Red Coral by Anchor Real Estate Development.

– Calma was developed by Alsaraya Real Estate Investment. 

– Paradise Garden was developed by Pyramisa Hotels and Resorts.

– El Andalous Residence was developed by Orbit Alliance.

– Sunset pearl was developed by Pyramisa Hotels and Resorts.

– Dishdaba Resort was developed by Golden Chain Group.

– Mirador was developed by Lugar Real Estate Investment.

– Alcamar was developed by Core Development.

– Ocean Breeze was developed by Orbit Alliance.

– Jamaran was developed by Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC)

The Future of The City:

The recent recovery in tourism has had a positive impact on investors’ willingness to buy land for the construction of new projects and hotels, Sahl Hasheesh is the fastest rising luxury coastal development in Egypt, with only a three to five-hour flight from many major European hubs with direct flights operating regularly to Hurghada International Airport…and with the great focus in the publicity and over shore advertising and propaganda, it is a promising tourism magnetic destination in the upcoming years.

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