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Edge Holding

About Edge Holding

The inauguration of the New Administrative Capital marked the beginning of Edge Holding Group, which was founded in early 2018 as a mutual fund between Al-Borouj Egypt and El-Mashareq KSA. With impressive project portfolios and five decades of accumulated experience in real estate development, construction, and infrastructure in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two companies have combined their diverse knowledge and skills to seize today’s investment opportunities and set new standards in Egypt’s real estate market.

At Edge Holding, we believe that life is all about the pleasant experiences that reflect our individual dreams and desires. With a clear-cut vision of future opportunities and prospects, we’ve researched and assessed the market to identify gaps within it and developed strong plans to tackle the ever-growing needs of tomorrow’s homeowners and investors. Our aim is to develop and create harmonious communities that present new and exciting living experiences, all of which are customer-centric and fulfill the dream of a better future.

Passion, integrity, and clarity are the driving forces that propel us towards our vision of establishing another success story through unique and heartwarming living communities.

We’re ready and well-positioned to fulfill today’s market needs with outstanding locations, unique designs, and exclusive facilities that offer unrivaled living experiences and the highest edge of architectural innovation. That’s what makes OIA a development with an edge; one that’s designed and built by seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Projects Developed

  • Oia Towers

    Oia Towers

    After the success of the OIA Edge Holding Compound, “the first Egyptian-Saudi partnership,” the development of the highest towers -Oia Towers- in the New Administrative Capital, the prime location in Down Town, on 4 main roads in front of the Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River, directly next to the Al Masah Hotel. Administrative […]

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