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About Mazaya Developments

Mazaya is the Property Development Company where you encounter evidence-based plans loaded with the Know-How.

is an Arabic word that literally means.

tackle a new direction for the investors; we want to provide the investor a ”?????”.

As we believe that the investors are entitled to “?????” other than the bank ones!

Now the investor may ask why are we ‘Mazaya’ for you?

Smart minds own the future

Well, the story will reveal it all though let this be at the top of your mind “Smart minds own the future”

“Mazaya” is a well-structured property development company by a brainy engineer, Mohamed Allam, who carried out tremendous projects along with a witty marketer and strategist, Mohamed Mostafa.


Allam and Mostafa took the hard way in 2017 and decided to smartly exploit their integrated know-how and founded their stand-alone project which they vowed to give it three gold coined pillars: facilitated payment plan, credible concept & solid know-how.

Over five years, they established more than 33 projects in ElSherouk, the 5th settlement, and ElObour.
Now, they are fighting hard and long at the fierce battlefield of the New Administrative Capital.

Projects Developed

  • The Rook

    The Rook

    The aesthetics of a building is one of the principal aspects that Mazaya developments consider when designing a building that transcends time.This masterpiece serves to symbolically reflect the idea of the rook. Simply, we have conceptualized a building that serves multi-functional purposes. When we first brainstormed the idea of The Rook we imagined that we […]

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